New Year, New Web Design

Hello folks,

Looking forward to a fruitful and creative 2017.

I will be getting back to some more original content this year, including experimental, short fiction & the launch of a new musician performance series. So stay tuned.

I will also be updating the site/blog more regularly and hope to launch some official logo/branding.

In the meantime, enjoy the new web design.



Americana Mondays

and the work of Greg Klyma...

Americana Mondays is a weekly residency founded and hosted by Greg Klyma, currently running at P.A.'s Lounge in Union Square, Somerville, MA. It's a great showcase for both music and dance within the local community.

Here's a promo I produced, capturing the vibe and energy of one of these spectacular evenings:

I've been producing videos for Greg over the past few years, as well as playing drums for him on occasion, including his latest release, Another Man's Treasure. Greg is a great singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and seasoned performer who never cheats his audience out of an energy-packed, memorable show.

Here's a couple other projects we've worked on together:

Enjoy, and make sure to catch an upcoming Americana Monday!

Ars Memoriae

This project is a visual/aural meditation on the change of seasons in the New England area. The four chapters spanned a full year of shooting and when put together as one short film certain themes and cycles became evident and took on a whole new life.

I have been collaborating with Jon Crowe since my thesis film at Emerson College, and our focus on this particular project was to place as much importance and thematic presence on the soundtrack as the visuals.

It was done using an experimental approach in that at times we weren’t quite sure what each season would bring. It wasn’t scripted or predetermined, I just walked out of my apartment w/ camera and tripod and shot whatever caught my eye and inspired me in the moment. The great thing about this approach is when putting together the footage in the editing room you’re not quite sure what it will lead to, but when something clicks it takes on a whole new meaning than what you initially set out to do. Jon’s musical scores had the same effect.

Never underestimate the power of music and picture combined!

You can also visit our Vimeo Channel and leave comments.




Launching ‘In-Studio Series’

Being a musician (drummer) myself, music-related projects give me the opportunity to fuse my 2 passions of music and film.
It’s what I know best, and this new series I have developed (name TBD) with fellow musician/producer Eran Shaysh of Big Old Big One is a great vehicle to showcase the talents of both artist and filmmaker.

Each session will feature a different artist recording material live in a unique studio environment. There will also be a select audience for each session that will get to be a part of the show and experience the behind-the-scenes recording/filming process.

Our series will launch with Qwill & the Soul Review Project.
The session will be filmed by a 4-person video crew and tracked/mixed by Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound Studios.

You can visit HERE to help fund our first session, there is only 6 days left!

Here’s the video promo I shot/edited for the pledge campaign:

Studio updates & videos to come soon, stay tuned.



Welcome to

Welcome to my new website!

I’m Chris DeSanty, founder of DeSant Productions, and I have been a freelance director/videographer/editor in the Boston area for the past few years. I graduated with a Master’s in Video Production at Emerson College in 2009 and studied communications and cinema studies @ Stonehill College for my undergraduate degree.

My work spans from corporate promos to music videos, live events to documentary film, non-profit/educational to wedding videography.

Please take some time to check out my video gallery, and come back to this blog, as I will be updating both with my latest projects. This will also serve as a hub for my inspirations, always infusing my artistic abilities and tastes into my work.

You can also link to my facebook, vimeo and twitter pages by clicking on the icons at the top right.


Thanks again for coming, and I hope to work with you in the future.