Ars Memoriae

This project is a visual/aural meditation on the change of seasons in the New England area. The four chapters spanned a full year of shooting and when put together as one short film certain themes and cycles became evident and took on a whole new life.

I have been collaborating with Jon Crowe since my thesis film at Emerson College, and our focus on this particular project was to place as much importance and thematic presence on the soundtrack as the visuals.

It was done using an experimental approach in that at times we weren’t quite sure what each season would bring. It wasn’t scripted or predetermined, I just walked out of my apartment w/ camera and tripod and shot whatever caught my eye and inspired me in the moment. The great thing about this approach is when putting together the footage in the editing room you’re not quite sure what it will lead to, but when something clicks it takes on a whole new meaning than what you initially set out to do. Jon’s musical scores had the same effect.

Never underestimate the power of music and picture combined!

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