Launching ‘In-Studio Series’

Being a musician (drummer) myself, music-related projects give me the opportunity to fuse my 2 passions of music and film.
It’s what I know best, and this new series I have developed (name TBD) with fellow musician/producer Eran Shaysh of Big Old Big One is a great vehicle to showcase the talents of both artist and filmmaker.

Each session will feature a different artist recording material live in a unique studio environment. There will also be a select audience for each session that will get to be a part of the show and experience the behind-the-scenes recording/filming process.

Our series will launch with Qwill & the Soul Review Project.
The session will be filmed by a 4-person video crew and tracked/mixed by Dan Cardinal at Dimension Sound Studios.

You can visit HERE to help fund our first session, there is only 6 days left!

Here’s the video promo I shot/edited for the pledge campaign:

Studio updates & videos to come soon, stay tuned.